Boulder Hardscaping Services

Boulder Hardscape Compliments the Natural Beauty of Your Property

In the Rocky Mountains and the Front Range, well placed boulders on a property combine seamlessly with our natural surroundings. Boulder hardscape landscaping adds visual appeal and functionality to your property. Boulders are planted into the ground to showcase the most attractive and interesting face, and to present that with the highest visibility. Since you rarely see a boulder by itself in nature, we take time to design groupings of boulders in various shapes and sizes. The nesting technique used in Japanese gardens, where the boulder seems to rise up from the vegetation or smaller rocks, is also perfect for Colorado properties in the foothills and mountains.

Hardscape services are very important to our design team because observing the general surroundings. Taking into account native rock formations and of the native landscape in itself is crucial to our material lists and designs for our design team. Our hardscape services include custom stone work… flagstone/paver patios… pathways made from siloam stone /native granite steps/or flagstone slabs. Custom boulder work includes granite /mossrock/gold ore material where terracing slopes for planting beds or erosion control. Installing erosion blankets, grading of soil and the custom seed mixes are all very important aspects of a landscape design.

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